Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Women's Weightlifting Crew

Starting in February 2017 TCS will host the Women's Weightlifting Crew on the first Friday of every month. This is open to any female in the area who loves to pick shit up and put it down. Strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastical shit....everything is up for discussion. Myself and Mary D from the Strictly Strength side of the house will be coaching these workouts. 

If you are familiar with TCS, Travis hosts "Lumberjacked" for the dudes once a month. This is the same- but better for obvious reasons.

WWC is open to any fitness level. You could be starting out day 1- or be competing in the Olympics. We don't care, and neither should you. This is about getting together with other strong women and doing what we love, lifting heavy shit in any way possible. 

Sign ups are HERE. Look on the class calendar each month for the announced Friday night for the WWC. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Weekend Survival Guide

I have thirty three women in week one of GET RIPPED. That means this weekend is the first weekend...A.K.A. killer of all diets. What is it about "the weekend" that makes people jump off shit pier and ruin everything?  Even if you are absolutely perfect Monday through Friday you will completely blow your goals if you food orgy pizza and beer for two days, or even one full day. 

Here are my rules that I abide by always. They might seem dumb or maybe they seem so small of a change it won't make a difference....but you are wrong.  Try. 


1. There are no "cheat days" so stop. 

First, stop using the word "cheat." It's super negative and means you are doing something wrong which you are not, you are living. However, going on a sugar bender all day will absolutely ruin you. Yes, you can recover from it and move on for sure. However if you are involved in anything like "GET RIPPED" that only lasts six weeks you are really stunting your progress. 

2. NEVER ever treat yourself on Sunday night.

Sunday night is usually the night before you are back at the gym and lifting heavy. Treating yourself on Sunday night will sabotage your workout and possibly how you feel when you wake up Monday morning. Only good things Sunday night. 

3. If you have to have a bad meal do it at lunch, not dinner. 

Its much harder to recover from a treat if you have it at dinner. Eating bad and then going to sleep leaves you feeling like crap in the morning. So after your treat at lunch drink water, nap, eat a good dinner and have all the good things before you sleep. 

4. NEVER EVER drink after you eat your last meal of the day. 

I cannot stress this enough. Have you ever woken up anywhere between 2-4am sweating and your heart racing and beating out of your chest? That's drinking, and sugar. I suggest you have your cocktails before dinner, then eat, then water. Wine after meals, the worst. All of that sugar just sitting there waiting to crush your sleep at 2am. 

Try it and let me know how it works! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


It's that time again! Get Ripped is kicking off on New Year's Day at noon. At the kickoff all terms will be discussed, and all the questions will be answered. 

This year we will take six weeks to dial in and focus on sleeping, eating, and working out. These all seem so simple, but are extremely difficult to tackle alone. We all know how hard it is to break bad habits and replace with good ones.  You will have access to a group food log, weekend conditioning, and support from me and an amazing group of women who are in it with you. 

GR provides accountability, support, and education to reach goals in and outside of the gym. This program is open to anyone here in Austin, or not! You can easily do this program online.

Registration closes December 31st, midnight.

Kick off- January 1 at NOON. 
First official day- January 2nd
Last official day- February 12th

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Basics Success

Fall Basics is over, and the results are in. This was a highly successful three weeks. I am pretty sure that nobody was eating enough protein before they started. The first couple of days were eye opening about how much they thought they were eating. After logging onto MFP they realized nope, that is not enough at all. There was some grumbling.....but it passed :)

After the first week everyone got the hang of it. Lots of protein, carbs, vegetables, fat. Basically making sure you were eating between three and five good meals a day. That sounds simple, but if it was that simple nobody would be signing up for these needing help. Simple concept, difficult execution. 

Everyone lost a minimum of 1.5 21 days. When you put the time on that loss it is pretty impressive. Highest loses were 3.5 inches and 15 pounds. Meghan is pictured below, she lost ten pounds! 

I am very happy with how Fall Basics went, and will be doing it again next year. Our yearly nutrition program will be starting January 2nd this year and it similar to Basics in theory but lasts longer. If you are interested in participating check our website at for the sign ups in December. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall Basics

Summer is over, kids are in school, you are at work. Probably had some summer cocktails and vacations. Took some time off of the gym. Well, its time to grind. Is anyone out there feeling a little more puffy and out of shape after this fun summer? You are not alone. Time to get back to basics and clean it up a bit!

Starting on September 18th I will host a three week nutrition program to get everyone back to the basics of eating clean. This program is designed for the nutrition novice to the guru. You can be a present TCS client, or just a member of the community ready to make a change with your eating habits. Everyone needs a kickstart sometimes, right? 

With this program you will have access to :

  • TCS SPEED class on Sept.  24th and Oct.8th @730am
  • TCS conditioning class on Oct. 1@9am
  • Food list to make it easy
  • Measurements
  • Monitored food log
  • One on one time if needed
  • Accountability! 

  • Better mood
  • Better sleep
  • Clothes fit better
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Actually being hydrated
  • With all of these things your workouts become better as well. You are able to put more effort into it, use more weight, move your ass faster. 

Important Dates:

Kick off meeting Sunday September 18th at 11am. 
Official start -Monday morning the 19th
Official end -Monday October 10th (after final measurements).


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Athlete Highlight- Rachel Lasseter

Oh Rachel...where do I start. She loves wine, animals, steak, food as a whole, dirty memes, other people's babies, and power cleans. Hates sandbags :) 

Rachel is married to one of Travis's long time clients, Ryan. They were married not long after we opened TCS. After the honeymoon Ryan said "hey my wife might want to start working out so I am sending her up here to you." These are my favorite- I never know if the dude is telling his wife to come, kindly suggesting to start working out, or who knows. But once I met Rachel- I knew for sure Ryan was not telling this chick anything! HA! LIFT was definitely her decision.

 Rachel was working out and seeing zero results. Dealing with a long time injury and frustrated she decided it was time to make a move. 

We started out with a month of personal training sessions to get her going and used to the way things work. She is naturally mobile and when I said "squat" she just went ass to grass...and that's when every coach is like YESSSS. She picked up things pretty easily...minus the name of equipment/movements which was pretty entertaining.  Every move we did was new to her. A lot of women would have been pretty intimidated and not come back, but Rachel just kept coming back for more and results came quickly. 

Rachel started off squatting the barbell. That 35lb bar kicked her little ass all over the gym. Today her max is 125 and really that looked a bit easy. She has gotten incredibly strong, and just keeps improving on everything. 

There has only been a couple of workouts where I thought she might punch me. Usually that somehow involves a sandbag. But she has a great internal voice that tells her to keep going and she always finishes. That is a quality that sets her apart from others. 

I love seeing her name on the roster because I know she will be walking up with big sunglasses and a smile soon...and everyone else is happy too because she is a team player in class, and such a great happy person!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Athlete Highlight- Allison

Allison has been with me for years. Hundreds of workouts, happy hours, events, job changes, everything.  Like many of the LIFT girls we see each other more times a week than friends or sometimes family. I notice hair changes, body changes, personality changes, stress, sadness and happiness. Allison and I have seen all of these with each other over the years. 

Recently she came to me after some major life changes wanting to start a new nutrition plan. I always suggest Renaissance Periodization first. If you are willing to count/measure/ and surrender to the process RP is for you. After a short chat she was on board and ready to go! 

Months later many people in the gym have noticed the changes. She is squatting more, pressing more, and overall a better athlete. Yes, a lot of this is contributed to making the nutrition change. The rest is your attitude, ambition, drive, and determination in the gym. Its all about the implementation. She took all the information and decided it was time to make a change. 

In the past Allison was okay being the smallest and lifting the smallest weights. That's how it went. Then she wanted more, and as a coach I was so excited to see her take this step. She shows up four to five times a week ready to rock. No complaining, just doing. 

Other people in the gym have noticed how strong she has gotten....because she is catching up with them! I could not be more proud of this chick. She decided she wanted to make progress. Goals, plan, workout, nutrition....SUCCESS. How can that be better planned out?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Athlete Highlight- Jen Jones

Not only does she have a great name and a cute baby, she's awesome!

Let's rewind....

Around a year ago she came tip toeing in like a quiet little ballerina to TCS. She came to LIFT class....probably to avoid her boyfriend that comes to Travis's classes, to be expected. She said one thing " I don't workout." I am sure my face was priceless. 

 Our warm-ups in LIFT are different everyday. Some days they seem more like the main workout, sometimes the are short and powerful. I don't remember what is was on this day...but it crushed her. 

 I gave her lighter weights, shortened her reps, but it didn't matter. She was going to rip that kettle bell fast and furious like it was her child's only chance at survival from a burning building. I immediately loved her and then following that a huge impulse to stop her from ripping her back in pieces. I knew now she had the drive, I just had to coach and teach her how to use that with good proper form.

After all the vomiting stopped, we talked. And you couldn't help but just love this chick! 

A year later she is definitely not tip toeing anywhere at the gym. Usually you can hear her dropping a kettle bell accidentally or slamming a barbell into something metal, and then we all turn around like "JONES!" Yes, we know its her.

She is constantly working on form, improving her mobility, and becoming a smarter and faster athlete. This week we have been doing workouts and movements that one year ago would have been hard to even imagine. Yesterday she did the splits in the gym, not knowing how much her mobility has improved.

Jen shows up 20 minutes before class to mobilize and prepare her body. She is committed to staying healthy, loud, clumsy, honest, loving, trusting and so damn hilarious. The 9am would NOT be the same without her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Accessory Work

I've added an eight minute accessory work routine to the LIFT chicks daily workout. There is a list of five  different three round movements to complete on the board and they can pick whichever one they want daily. Each group targets different body parts. My goal is to increase posterior chain strength, skill, core control, grip and pressing strength. The strongman workouts we do in the gym, along with the compound lifts, will benefit from this accessory work.

First, what are accessory lifts? They are the lifts that build the smaller muscles to improve the bigger ones. Or they could be breaking down a gymnastic move into small parts, and focusing on one of those parts for reps. For example: wall walks with twelve shoulder taps at the top to make handstand walking better,  hip extensions on the GHD or RDL's  to increase posterior chain strength to help the deadlift and back squat, dumbbell work to work on strength imbalances and increase grip...the list goes on!

As you can see below every body part is hit. This goes for all the big lifts in the gym;  press, jerk, squat and box squat. These big lifts will all benefit from accessory work. Here is the June list:

The July list will be a harder version of the same as everyone adapts and gets stronger. Pretty soon the LIFT chicks will be putting these big movements to test and see if the accessory work is working!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Protect Yourself!

You can lift weights, sprint, and be as fit as you want...but do you know how to use your strength to protect yourself? I always wonder...and hopefully never find out. Nothing is scarier to me than a dark parking garage. It's the worst. What would happen if someone came from behind you? From the front? What would you do?

The women of TCS need to learn these skills from a professional. On April 10th at 9am Daniel Jolly will be holding a self defense seminar at Travis County Strength.  <LINK to sign up> 

Daniel will be sharing with us self defense moves he uses himself, this is not a "women's self defense" where we place bricks in purses and learn to "grab twist and pull". This is hands on how to protect yourself and kick ass. 

Here are some statistics from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault:
  • 6.3 million Texans have experienced some form of sexual assault in their lifetime1
  • 2 in 5 women in Texas have been sexually assaulted1
  • 1 in 5 men in Texas has been sexually assaulted1
  • 91% of sexual assault victims did not report to law enforcement1
  • Studies confirm the undetected rapist is a serial hunter and serial offender – not the misunderstood drunk guy3
  • Over 94% of rapists roam free with only 3% ever spending a day in jail4

Come and learn how to protect yourself! 
<LINK to sign up>
(open to any women in Austin)