Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So its been a goes. I am approaching the last week in the I AM CROSSFIT challenge. So excited about not having to write down everything I eat. Im sure Zach does not want to hear about all the wine and tortillas that I eat. I think I've lost some body fat...but I'm just not sure. Not wanting to get over-confident...Ive been trying to not think about it. However, I have had some compliments...just not sure if they are really what I wanted to hear. As in " Wow, you have lost some weight!". To all you men out there, don't ever say this unless you enjoy getting your shirt pulled over your head and kneed in the face by someone half your size in front of all your co-workers....just an idea. I did get my pull-ups though. I am more excited about that than anything else. I have been working for almost a year to be able to get my ass over that bar more than once. Finally, it has happened. Now...just have to work on doing more than 5.

Its been a rough week, failed a paramedic test. I'm really not that stupid, I swear. I'm already burnt out on the program and its not even spring I have a while to go in this semester. We have been getting stuck in class with needles. Its always fun to have a 19 year old coming at you with a needle and a shaky hand. After getting my vein was all right. I'm not sure I can really see myself being a paramedic for the rest of my life, but it does open doors that were closed before.

Our best friends are moving here soon. So glad to have my girlfriend ( one of 3 ) moving back . I will finally have someone on my side instead of Steven's. Its hard to keep friends that are female. After living with hundreds of men in Iraq I seem to have picked up some choice phrases and swear words that apparently females don't find amusing. Screw them, I have enough friends.

This entry is pretty scattered...even persnickety at times....but mostly entertaining.

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