Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy or Motivated??

My husband saw me cutting these pages out and glue-sticking them in a journal. His look was priceless. I'm sure he wanted to make fun of me, but he was nice and just smiled. He knows I am motivated right now to do my best and fuel my body the way it needs to be in order to preform well. However, he does know I am a little on the crazy side to start with. This food journal along with CrossFit has swallowed my life whole, but only in good ways. I catch a lot of shit from friends....but afterwards they always have questions and compliment me on what I am doing. I have even rubbed off on a couple of them to take control over what they put in their mouth. Counting your carbs, fat, and protein isnt time consuming or annoying. I enjoy knowing that I can control how I look and how I preform just by being accountable to what I put in my mouth. I have only myself to answer to...good thing I have at least a little self control...

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