Saturday, March 7, 2009

CrossFit Fittest Games Challenge

This morning was the Fittest Games Challenge, and my first Cross Fit competition. The people that showed up for the workout were athletes... Today was a rough and rewarding workout. The first workout was 155lb. dead lift, 10 push-ups, and 15 pull-ups. Four rounds! It went by pretty slowly. 155 pounds is heavier than I thought! It was tough but with so many bad ass athletes around me kicking my butt, I had to preform. I finished in 1030. I loved being able to do pull-ups on my own, it makes it such a difference in motivation and confidence. I was happy with it and glad that it was over!!

The final workout was seven 95lb overhead press and a 400 meter run, 5 rounds. Obviously I was not worried about the run. I only got through the first round with 95 pounds. I finished the 7 reps and people were already done with the run, so I had to scale the weight to 85 pounds. No matter what I was saying to myself in my head, and what Randall and Zach were yelling, I just could not push that bar up another time. I was pretty pissed, but happy at the same time because that was the first time I have EVER pushed 95 pounds over my head. I'm pretty proud that I actually pushed that weight, being that it was within 25 pounds of my body weight.

With all the struggle I went through with the last workout, I still made the qualifier!

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