Monday, March 30, 2009

My weakness...

Red Wine. Cabs preferably. I love wine every evening with a meal. Since I have been on the Zone with Cross Fit, I have really had to curb my wine drinking. Its either have more carbs, or a glass of wine. So when I am really hungry, which is most of the time, then I choose food. Lately, since I have been tweaking my zone I have been able to have wine because I am not as hungry in the evening. What a treat! I must look crazy measuring and pouring out exactly 4 ounces but I keep it honest and that is all I have. When we have friends over I try to hide my craziness by pouring it secretly into my measuring cup, and then in stealth mode to the glass. I really don't feel like having to explain myself. While not enjoying my wine as often, I am seeing more of my stomach muscles. SO....what else could be a better motivator???

1 comment:

  1. I was in that same boat except with beer or whisky. Since I've stopped, my abs just came rippling out. Now when the boys or people overseas see me, they are like man, you look really skinny. I don't know if its a compliment or what. I take it as that, cause I've lost a total of 10lbs but all my max lifts have gone up even though my bodyweight has went down. I have finally hit my goal of a sub 7min Helen and couldn't be happier. Keep up the hasrd work.