Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back on the wagon...

WOW! Regionals was incredible! So great that the week after I completely feel off the paleo/zone wagon. It was pretty bad. All of my meals were fine, small and healthy. I just added so much extra shit it was unbelievable. Margaritas....chips/salsa....2 tons of beef jerky...burgers and fries....ugh..i feel nasty even typing it right now.

WELL---its over. I am back on the wagon and only 3 days into STRICT paleo/zone I feel great. We have our friends staying with us right now. Its a true torture test to watch them eat chips and salsa with margaritas...and just sit there with my mouth watering while I choke down wonderful broccoli and a peach. However, the next morning when I am headed to the gym at 545 their butts are sleeping I just smile as I go knock out a great workout.

Even though I was pretty bad for a week or so, I did keep myself honest and write down everything that I consumed. All I have to do is go back and look in my log and just be disgusted with myself for 30 seconds...and the craving for extra sugar is gone! Is that weird? I don't care if it is. In the last three months I have surprised myself everyday at the gym. If it works, it works. No matter how silly or weird I have to be.

So I will keep weighing my protein...even with the laughs behind my back as I do it. Please...its swimsuit season...and I have work to do. We will see who is laughing at the river next month!! ( Evil laugh )


  1. Even if you fell off he wagon for a week, you are still a bad ass. You KILLED that WOD this morning...your speed is inspiring. And amazingly...even though you have guests that are indulging in front of your are on a mission that works. It's HARD sometimes but I am 30 lbs and counting....and I couldn't keep it up without inspiration from people like you!

  2. You are a rockstar!!! I fell off the wagon this weekend too and I told myself that this weekend was the end of my "poor me charade" and the end of sabotaging myself by eating crap!! I know what works and I just gotta DO IT. Now, after just ONE day back on paleo/zone, I feel AMAZING!!! It's crazy how good I feel when I feed our body the food it needs, but yet, I always seem to forget this feeling and eat crap every once in awhile. I am psyched to work hard and knowing I am not alone in "falling off track" and pickin myself up every once in awhile, keeps me motivated!! You are sooo absolutely right about how invigorating it is to know that you are getting a badass workout while others are doing nothing. Also, know that your body is saying THANK you soo much for not eating those chips and salsa and drinking those margaritas. =) They may taste delicious, but the hangovers suck!! Just like Catherine said, I also couldn't keep it up without inspiration from people like you!!! Stay strong and never forget your goals!!! No matter what, I know you will succeed!

  3. Oh gad! Derek and I are making serious fun of you for "falling off". Pffftt!