Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heck YES!!!

After CrossFit central announced that they were allowing clients of the gym to try out for a spot on the affiliate team, a little seed was planted in the back of my head. At the time I did not have my pull-ups. This was February. Every time I walked into that gym I knew I had to work hard. I had not mentioned to anyone except steven that I intended on trying out. Just kept it to myself and desperatly tried to get my pull ups and get stronger.

Three weeks later, I had them. Never before had I felt so confident walking into a workout. I didn't care that I was now slower, I could do pullups correctly and on my own! Then I knew I could attempt to make the team.

After regional's last weekend I found out I did make it. I was ecstatic at the thought, but kept the craziness to myself. I came home, jumped up and down, and ate some Italian creme cake and wine.

Now I have 60 days to get a whole lot stronger and faster. I am greatly appreciative of the chance that has been given to me. The other five people on the team are strong, fast, and incredibly fit. SO...I have some work to do.

So if I dont answer the phone, or email...dont just kicking my own ass at this little gym in north austin.


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  2. CONGRATS JEN!!! you have proven that anyone can do anything if they just put their mind to it and work HARD! Keep kickin ass!! Also, thank you for continuously cheering me on!! =)

  3. You inspire me! I believe in you and I know you can do a lot in 60 days. I make sure your ass is getting kicked!