Tuesday, May 26, 2009

People who lie about thier height

Rex Ablao lies about his height. I first met this amazing crossfitter in Iraq working. He didn't really work...mostly hang out at the range in his prada sunglasses and matching shoes. We have stayed in touch on and off over the years. We do more now since he and I share crossfit as a passion. He likes to tease me and call me midget. He claims he is 5'7...which he is not. Just like my license says I am 5'4....I am not. So because of this teasing I have included a picture of him working out with an incredible lady named Jolie...and getting his butt kicked. Enjoy tall people of the world...enjoy.


  1. I am SO hot and tall in that photo! And yes, my partner whooped my ass that day! Hoo-ray for people 5'7" - like me!

  2. I love my little Rex just the way he is. Cute as a button. Thanks for the link Jen.