Sunday, June 7, 2009

Murph and Steven

Yesterday Steven, myself, and Dan competed in the Murph challenge put on by CrossFit Austin. All proceeds went to the Naval Foundation. It was a great workout for a great cause. Murph is the longest CrossFit workout that I am aware of. BRUTAL! Ive done a half I knew what we were in for. Steven had not, but of course he kicked everyone's ass. 28 minutes!!!! What a bad ass. Steven is one of those people who can pull it out at anytime. Amazing, in your face Rex.

Doing this workout I usually think about how many rounds, when I am going to be hot it is. However, being that we were doing this in remembrance of another I pushed my thoughts to our friends that we have lost in Iraq...and me and Steve's life overseas that we have left behind.


  1. Wha? Redman is there with you guys?

  2. Tell Dan and Steven I miss them dearly!