Friday, June 26, 2009

Whats your crack?

Everyone has something. Something that if they don't have it, get it, do it, drink it or eat it....the day is not productive. My workout is my crack. I must have it, everyday. I look forward to it the night before, and think about it on my days off. Is this healty? crazy? I think there are other forms of "crack" that could be worse. Why not have a "crack" that is healthy, fun, life-preserving, motivating, and self-fulfilling??

Working out in the morning sets the mood for my entire day. It puts a smile on my face, my heart races, endorphins fly and I am feeling good. Now with my work schedule I have switched my workout to before lunch. I thought it would affect the way I felt or the mood of my day....BUT it doesn't. I actually have time to look forward to my "crack." Love it!

Whats your crack? Do you have something that you have to have everyday?? Hopefully its something healthy, fun, and active. CrossFit crack is the healthiest crack!

1 comment:

  1. I've gotta go with CrossFit as my crack, there is nothing better! Although coffee comes in a close second...