Sunday, June 14, 2009

Working out on Vacation

Steven and I spent four awesome days camping with my family outside of Garner in Concan, Texas to celebrate our five year anniversary. We had cabins with a kitchen, bathroom, and air conditioning. MY kind of camping! We had a great time. BUT- I had to get my workouts in. I brought dumbbells and a kettle bell, not knowing how or where I was going to get a crossfit workout in. Vacation is hard. Everyone is eating like crap and sitting around drinking...not us. We did sit around in the river everyday, but only after a workout.

To my surprise my dad worked out with me!! He recently started doing crossfit in Houston and is also addicted. I was so proud of him for sticking to it. We ate meat and vegetables every night on the grill, and I still kept up with my food log. Other people with us didn't understand and had a lot of questions about why I wasn't eating whatever I wanted, after all " YOU ARE ON VACATION!". Vacation to me is not getting as fat and out of shape as possible. Vacation is getting a great workout in, having coffee, and spending time with people I never get to see.

It was a lot easier than I thought. I did not in any way set myself back on vacation. If anything, it was nice to get out of the city and do some workouts with only nature sounds around instead of blaring gangster rap. hehe. Dad and I did 10 to 1 man makers, kettle bell swings, and rock jumps. It was hard!!!


  1. I totally agree!!! When I went to Korea several people told me, "but you're on vacation!!" and this didn't make sense to me cuz just because u are on vacation, that doesnt mean you magically won't gain weight. You can't tell your body.. "hey I'm on vacation so don't hold onto any of the calories I ingest while I'm on vacation" and expect it to listen.. shoot.. if that was the case.. I'd "be on vacation 24/7" LOL. My vacation was very different from yours though.. I was in Korea so I wanted to enjoy all the Korean dishes.. fortunately most of the dishes consist of meat and veggies and rice and I ate very little rice. However, Koreans also love bread and special bakery treats.. I enjoyed myself and indulged in some "not so healthy stuff", but I had a GREAT time and that is all that matters. I don't even think I gained weight. =) We walked EVERYWHERE all day long so that was a great daily workout!!! We also went on lots of hikes! So in the end, it all worked out!! =) Props to you for sticking to ur diet and workout schedule!!!! Keep up all the great work!!!

  2. Hey rock star! Way go on the 300 yesterday - finishing under the time limit first time ever and all... not too shabby!