Friday, July 31, 2009

Are you doing it to youself?

Have you looked in your fridge lately? Are you having trouble not eating crap? Well, I have one small solution for you...go through and throw all that bad stuff away. Anything that you should not be eating, throw it out!!! I personally did this last night...I didn't think i would have much to throw away...BUT I DID! I was really surprised that I had an entire trash bag at the end of the event. I guess I was making excuses because " my husband eats that," or " that's Steven's shelf." BUT, hes out of town right now. Basically, I have no reason not to do it. If its not there, you probably won't eat it.

Afterward, I looked at all this food and could not bring myself to waste it. So, I dropped it off at the downtown 7th street shelter. I felt so good after for two reasons:

1. The house is paleo- helping myself

2. I have donated at least four full days of food to people who had none.-helping others.

I have a lot more room now...and feel so much better. I did save one space for Steve in the fridge and pantry...he likes to make as soon as he gets back he will have some. Until then....the nacho shelve stays in tact till my baby gets back!

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  1. This was a great post! I just moved into a new apartment and dropped off everything I could that was non-paleo and unopened. All that pantry space is now available as extra storage space! :)