Saturday, July 4, 2009

How do you prepare?

The CrossFit Central affiliate team is in the final countdown until the games. We worked out today and it felt great. All of us were happy about it, great moods, feeling good, and most importantly looking good!

According to the team workout rules, two women must workout in all workouts and never come out. There could be one workout, or three...who knows. Four people workout at a time. That means the guys can have some rest, Jessica and I cannot. do you mentally prepare for that???

People have different ways of doing things. This week for me is a week of: meat, vegetables, almonds, water, advocare, and rest. THAT IS IT. No nights out drinking, no staying up late, no negative thoughts. Physical preparedness cant be improved in a week, I going to the games with what I have. Mentally...I have some work to do. I came up through the ranks at CrossFit Central. I was there for a year jumping on a box, scaling weight, and learning. I got my pull-ups, stopped scaling weight, and got stronger. I started in a class. I have some things to prove, I am new to this. SO, this week...happy thoughts , good nutrition, and lots of sleep. The best part of the games is going to be watching crystal, carey, jeremy, and lance sweep the whole thing!

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