Monday, July 20, 2009

CrossFit Anywhere

My husband is working overseas right now. Before he left he kept asking..." I wonder how the gym is, I wonder if I can do crossfit, I hope there is enough space to set up stations." Yes, this was his major concern. Not, where are the flying rounds coming from, or how will I eat, or I wonder if I will have good protective plates. No, not my husband.

And then I thought to when I travel to my parents and family....HA! I am the exact same way. The great thing about crossfit is that you can do it anywhere. When we were camping earlier this year I unloaded my weights and kettle bells before I set up our camp fire. So, no excuses...hotel't matter. Just do it, thank you Nike.

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  1. I was super lucky this last week because my parents have a (very old, but functional) treadmill and a nice big yard and living room where I could work out -- but I was prepared anyway! I managed to do four out of five workouts for the week with what I had. I brought a jump rope with me, and I was lucky to find weights! Made me pretty certain that I could adapt my workout to wherever I found myself, and that's an awesome feeling.