Sunday, August 23, 2009


After a weekend of hard work, a little partying on saturday night was needed! Of course, partying now is different than it used to be. In college, it was up all night, eating not-so-good foods, drinking not-so-good things, and getting NO sleep. Now, that I will be the big 29 this year...things have changed. I definitely have more fun than I ever did as a college student. I still had a couple of glasses of wine...enjoyed some great steak and vegetables... I splurged on nutella and fruit....delicious. I was in bed before midnight and felt great when I woke up. Went to the gym and did a heavy hang power clean workout. I performed a personal best and was extremely pleased with myself. I have learned a lot about eating and working out the last year and a half. I have no desire to stay out all night eating crap and drinking crap..and then not getting to workout and enjoy the weekend. Maybe I am just getting old, who knows. But, I am definitely getting wiser. Steven might argue that last point. And by the way, in exactly a week...he will be home!

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