Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eating Out

Since my husband, Steve, is home from work for only three weeks....we have been going out a lot. We have a lot of friends and family to visit while he is here. This can sometimes interesting when following a zone/paleo diet. This blog entry is for all you people who think its impossible and use that as an excuse to just dive in and overeat.

Mexican Restaurant-

order the fajitas ( beef or chicken) without tortillas...or corn instead of flour. you should load up on the onions and bell peppers that usually comes with it instead of the rice and beans. order extra avocado and you are set.


Greek salads can be deceiving. If you are paleo- drop the chesse and add meat. Its the easiest and safest food. If you are at a restaurant you trust, get the lamb with a side of vegetables.


Burger ( my fav ). Paleo- drop the bread and ask for extra tomato. This is where you probably have to bring almonds in the purse or pocket. Usually I bring a bell pepper cut up in my purse. Hey, nobody said I wasn't dedicated!


EASY. eat meat. Bring almonds. Ive never been to a BBQ place that didnt have some king of green. Except Rudys...but that place does not count.


Hard. If its Thai or Vietnamese get the fo. Its filled with vegetables, and you can add pork or tofu...depending on zone or paleo. Again, bring almonds. If you are going for sushi- loose the rice and order some avocado. You cant really go wrong there. Try to stay away from rice I said, this one can be difficult.

Hardest Part- Knowing when to stop eating. Dinner is such a huge affair in my house. Sometimes I can get carried away. When we eat out I like to ask how big the serving size is, or split it. Otherwise, its going straight in the doggy bag.

Moral of the story here people- bring your fat. Macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, and my new favorite device...single servings of almond butter in a pouch that you squeeze out like GU. I got it at whole foods....tried one right there in the aisle..and then grabbed the entire box. No, I am not sharing.

Just throw them in your pocket/purse and there is your fat. I think I might even use them for a long bike ride or run. So if you see me somewhere around town squeezing a plastic bag with all my might...just know whats coming out is Jens Crack. And I have to have it.

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