Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting your rest

Crossfitters! We need our rest. Working hard in the gym requires good food and good rest. Are you getting enough? As you can see, Bak, my dog does. So I was thinking, Im gonna think like Bak a little more. If you are sluggish in your workout, or at work...you are probably needing more rest. Take it. Especially weekends. Sometimes work, kids ( Im guessing ) , and just life gets in the way. You might find yourself going the entire day without food or enough water because you have been so busy. NOT GOOD! Take that extra time in the day to just chill out for a little while.

I saw on a show the other night that 9 hours is the new 8. That means its going to take a little more effort to get ready and get to bed a little earlier. Especially for you 530 am class people. You feel, and perform better on an adequate nights sleep. I have also read that every hour you get in bed before midnight is like an extra two hours of sleep. Take it from the dog, he's always in a good mood. Get your rest!

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