Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! We went to houston and laid by the pool, and had a great time. A big part of being fit and "being" Crossfit is being able to travel. By that, I mean, staying on your blocks and working out while traveling. Its not too hard at my parents house. My dad put up a pull up bar and rings. They also know to have almond butter, steak, and rotisserie chicken on hand! They did make fun of my counting and food logging at first...but they dont anymore. They look at it, and just smile. I know now they respect and admire what I am doing. Try to make a positive impact on your family with your big muscles and healthy food!

For traveling, here are some suggestions. Pack up a cooler with the following:

paleo kits

Thats really all you need folks! No cooking and preparing needed. No " road trip" excuses of shit food on the road ( steven! ). Be healthy and strong on your trips out of town!

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