Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new favorite place

I like to announce any new place i find to eat. I have a new favorite place, its called Buenos Aires Cafe. There are two locations. One at South 1st and Oltorf. And also, one on east 6th or 7th. Its a tiny place, maybe 12 tables inside and a small area outside. I have gone there twice and have been very impressed. Both times I easily zoned/paleo right off the menu.....didnt even have to eat out of my purse! So, that was a plus.

My first experience I had a beef tenderloin ( they told me without asking it was 4 oz. exactly) with a cut up apricot and cinnomen on top with a side of avocado. that is zone/paleo people! With no effort on my part.

Last night, I had the baked chicken ( 4 oz. ) with 12 asparagus spears, and some almonds in the pocket. HMMMMM....I think the chef knows about my life. The portions are perfect and cooked to perfection!!

Try it!

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