Saturday, October 31, 2009


I step on my soap box....

I see it all over T.V, magazines, Internet.....everywhere. " How to not gain weight during the holidays." Are you kidding me? This subject is one of those that just infuriates me. People have been using " the holidays" as a reason and an excuse to get unhealthy and gain weight. There is absolutely no reason for this. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times in the year where people get together with family you more than likely don't get to see very often. I understand having a big family meal. However, eating crap food just because its "the holidays" is completely ridiculous. Its called EXCUSES.

Have you ever heard " I was doing so well, and then it was the I have to bet back in shape after the 10 I gained." TEN! TEN POUNDS????? what!!! I cant even imagine the amount and quality of food you would have to eat to gain that much weight in such a short period of time. Again, the holiday excuse strikes again.

Please weigh out your options before using the EXCUSE. We all work hard at crossfit everyday and if you think that eating pie and desserts until you can't breathe through the holiday season is not going to affect your performance, you are dead wrong. It will wreck it. Don't ruin all the hard work!

You probably have some time off during the holidays, more time to get sleep, get your workouts in. I like to look at the holidays as a great time to get in even better shape. The weather is awesome for working out outside, and you have a chance to influence your family and put the crossfit kool-aid at the to the turkey. Please use this time wisely, you can easily paleo any holiday meal.

You will start seeing " How to shed the holiday pounds" soon all over the media. That is called WEAKNESS. Buck up little crossfit soldiers and be strong. Dont give in to the typical American hog trough from thanksgiving to Christmas.

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  1. I think you just scared me into eating clean.... you crack me up!!! :)