Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There are numerous issues that contribute to your performance at the gym. I believe the big three are sleep, stress, and most importantly nutrition. Sleep is different for everyone, that I cannot help you with. Its just something you have to make a conscious effort to control. Stress is incredible. It can effect your body in so many ways. Paleo is the best way to eat for increased performance at the gym, and away from it. It can lead to depression, obesity, heart disease and skin conditions just to name a few. That- is also something I may not be able to personally help you with. However, I can help you on the nutrition side. Take a week to write a food log. It only works if you are honest. After a week, bring it to me and lets talk turkey! or steak...or chicken...or salmon.....

If you are ready to get serious, and take your nutrition and training to a new level, let me know! We can get you on track for the holidays!

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