Friday, November 20, 2009


So last night was the first time I had been to a goal setting meeting. I am pretty scattered when it comes to my goals...i just have so many things I want to accomplish in the gym. But I have never really sat down and put the gym aside, and set personal goals. Last night was a real eye opener as to goals I never knew that I had.

We set 3 month goals for personal, career, and health to be completed by February 18th. 3 months is hard for me to keep up with, so my version is 1 month goals. I am pretty ADHD with goals, maybe this will help. SO, one month goals here we go!!

5 head to floor hand stand push ups ( i have 3 )
10 chest to bar pull ups in a row ( i have 4 )
back squat 210 ( I'm at 200)

These are just a few....the rest you can't see! I am putting these up here for me, to keep me accountable. I easily make goals and forget about them and now its coming back to haunt me. These have to be done before Christmas!

Try small one month goals, they seem to work better for me!


  1. Oh, you've got those. No problem!

    Are they strict or kipping HSPUs? Kipping or butterfly C2B pull ups? :)

  2. strict HSPU. I have never kipped and don't plan too. my butterfly is a work in for now kipping.

  3. Ummm...what about Muscle-Ups?! Our Christmas goal is getting closer and I haven't worked on them much =(

    You've totally got those goals in the bag!

  4. i dont like to say "muscle up" outloud.