Friday, November 6, 2009

Power Breakfast

People- I have committed even more to paleo this month. I will be a year older this month, and wanted to start out eating even cleaner. Is it possible you ask? oh is.

Breakfast since I was in 7th grade has been oatmeal and two pieces of peanut butter toast- then off to run...a lot. This has been the same for 15 years, not exaggerating folks...every flippin day. I was what you would call, on the "Runners World" diet girl. There is much more to this story, I will not bore you.

Thanks to the I AM CROSSFIT challenge starting January first of 2009 ( and ZACH) I realized that this wonderful breakfast was my insulin problem. Change happened slice of bread instead of two was the first change. Second change, two boiled eggs instead of bread...that dropped fat off me immediately. Last change, ditched the oatmeal three weeks ago. I usually whined to Jessica for about a week, and then the craving was gone. I am sure she was happy about that!

SO, In my new stricter year I have found a new breakfast...probably not pre-workout yet, but an early morning one. Jessica put up on her blog about smoked salmon for breakfast. I cringed, but tried it. YUCK. I just cannot eat it alone, she is more woman than I. So, wrap it in basil leaves, and it cuts the fishy smell and taste right out of it. Add strawberries and almonds, and its a perfect paleo/zone meal. LOVE it. Its a new challenge, and there is nothing else I like better than to beat a challenge.

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  1. Not eatting your oatmeal was like somebody stealing your blanky ;-) Change is good and so is power breakfast mmmm.