Monday, November 16, 2009

who needs the 20's

I turned 29 today. In a lot of ways it's mentally tougher than 30. Maybe cause it has a 9 attached to it, and it resembles the end of a small era in life. In high school "the twenties" were like this magical thing that when you get to it, unicorns fly out of the sky and liquor falls from the clouds. I had this picture of what life would be like, how smart I would be, how tall ( never happened) I would get. I remember wondering how cool it would be to live in my own apartment that I designed and furnished. The twenties seemed like I would be partying every night and living this insane lifestyle.

Things were not what I planned for my twenties. I learned I don't mix with liquor, just wine. Unicorns, like honest politicians, don't exist, living alone is not all that I thought it would be. Nothing I have planned for my 20's has happened. That is not a negative statement. My life has taken turns I never thought it would, and if not I wouldn't be writing this blog today. Here are some reasons why:

1. married my high school sweetheart/best friend

2. traveled to more countries than most people have states

3. I have more cultural awareness than anyone I know

4. have become very patient and open minded...

5. getting to know my father-the highlight of my life so far

6. working with amazing men in Iraq

7. written reports that went directly to the Sec. of State

8. a mom to two beautiful money pits i call dogs

I do have one more year of my 20's left, but I don't care. Bring it on 30's! How can it get any better? I am aging with knowledge, fitness, and great family. ...still no unicorns though..


  1. Happy birthday Jen!!

    The 30's are pretty incredible too:)

  2. Happy Birthday Jen! I've been 29 for the better part of a year now - it's a pretty good year - and with your attitude I have no doubt you'll enjoy it!

  3. Happy Birthday! think you've put your 20's to good use :)

    Bring it on, 30!