Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today at noon starts the sign up for the EPOC I am crossfit challenge. I did this challenge last year and it completely changed my life in a positive way. You will be held accountable for food and workouts. I highly recommend that everyone sign up! I will tear up even talking about how this 8 weeks has brought me balance in nutrition, 5 % less body fat, fitness, and with that came self esteem and pride. Please, sign up and take it seriously.

When you make the Commitment to the I Am CrossFit Program You Receive:
8 Weeks of workouts emailed to you to complete on your days of from your regularly scheduled program
I Am CrossFit EPOC T-Shirt
I Am CrossFit EPOC Wristband
Free Entrance to 2 exclusive I Am CrossFit Seminars - Goal Setting & EPOC Seminar and Nutrition Seminar
2 BenchMark Workouts
Goal Setting, Goal Assessments, Body Measurements, & Pictures (Pre Program & Post Program)
A CrossFit Central coach who will hold you accountable, help you with training and nutrition, and keep you motivated!

The Cost: $150 for the 8 Week Program
Limited to the first 100 People who Sign Up!

Important I Am CrossFit Dates You Need to Know:
Kick Off & Benchmarks:
Friday, January 8th - I Am CrossFit EPOC Kick Off, Goal Setting Meeting, & Check In
Saturday, January 9th - I Am CrossFit EPOC Benchmark Challenge
Tuesday, January - I Am CrossFit EPOC Make Up Benchmark

I Am CrossFit EPOC Nutrition Seminar:
Tuesday, January 12th 12:15pm
Wednesday, January 13th 12:15pm & 7:00pm

Saturday, March 6th - I Am CrossFit EPOC Finale
Tuesday, March 9th - I Am CrossFit EPOC Finale Make Up Benchmark

What does it mean to be CrossFit?
I Am CrossFit is about holding the belief that you are capable of doing more than you think and taking on the toughest workouts in the world. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out, if you're scaling the workouts, or if you've been CrossFitting for years - this is about putting yourself to the test, pushing yourself to the next level, and reaching your goals.

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