Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Patient

It's week 3 in the I AM CROSSFIT challenge! WOW, time is passing for me. However, looking back I remember it sure did move slow when I was involved. All of my people are taking HUGE steps to eating clean. Their food logs are INCREDIBLE. Here are some comments from my group:

"Jen is the greatest"....anonymous...hehe
"Two and a half weeks into I AM and my pants are falling off. "
"Week 3 is going pretty well!
I ran the 3M half marathon on Sunday and finished with a 20-minute PR (and instead of my usual post-race Torchy's tacos and sweet tea, I had paleo-approved snacks in the car.) I have a more energy than I did in week 2. Slow progress with pull-ups and push-ups, but at least it's progress! "- Emily
Here is Myriam's blog about her I AM experience so far!
"You guys mentioned at the start of the challenge that you would be all
over us and it's true. I love that you guys are looking at our logs and
commenting and keeping us inspired. It's a lot of fun knowing that
there are people doing this with me and looking out for me. I feel a
great sense of community and would recommend crossfit and this challenge
to anyone." Lisa Munoz

I am SO proud of my team's new eating habits. They are really sticking to it!

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  1. I am SO bad at patience, but thanks for the post. Its hard to make such dramatic changes to your life and not have too dramatic of a shift on other fronts. I keep repeating to myself that 3 weeks of eating well and exercising does NOT remove the layers of "fluff" that I've spent so long accumulating! Of course, the muscles under that fluff are getting markedly stronger! All in time. On the bright side, I have 5 more weeks to work towards my goal of dropping BMI and Inches, so onward! The more time, the lower that number will be!