Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping for Value


That is all I was going to put for this post, but I figured I would have to prove why. I love this store, it's never busy and has convenient parking. No HUGE parking garage or traffic to get in. I don't run into people just hanging out cause its cool, and no make-up sales ladies trying to make me look my age.

You can literally "get in get out" to quickly pick something up on the way home. Usually I make three stops when grocery shopping. 1. HEB for dog food, paper towels, and such, 2. Whole Foods for seafood/meat/chicken/deli meat, and 3. Central Market for wine, Steve's soup and beer, vegetables and fruit. Its pretty exhausting to be this picky!!!!

Sprouts is my one stop shop! Bell Peppers are often MUCH cheaper than anywhere else! Today when I went in, organic peppers were 69 cents a piece. Compared to : 4.99/lb at Whole Foods. Looking at a past receipt, They have organic all natural dog food, and any vitamins that you need.

I like to stink up the CC gym by eating my smoked salmon from Sprouts, 2 dollars cheaper for the same thing compared to WF.
Seafood at Sprouts is amazing!

Here is a great meal for those evenings when you do not feel like cooking! Ready to cook meat loaf. Made there at the store.

A common response to my eating habits is " its too expensive to eat healthy." I planted onions, garlic, and squash in my yard. It was pretty dang cheap. Not buying anything from a box or a can really saves you money. Plan out your meals, make a list, and don't be lazy about cooking. Get healthy from the inside out!


  1. I love Sprouts too! Kombucha tea is on sale, tuna steaks are cheap, tons of awesome produce - it's the best!

  2. I just delerious or are their prices cheaper than Central Market and Whole Foods? I was so happy to see one open up by where I work, 183 and Great Hills. Great store layout. Complete opposite of the chaotic infrastructure that is CM and WF.

    I tried to find Kombucha tea there but missed out. Next time.