Saturday, January 9, 2010

Staying on the path

For all of you doing the I AM CROSSFIT challenge, this post is meant to be something you can go to when feeling like you need to quit.

I'M HERE TO GIVE YOU ARMOR FOR THE NEXT 8 WEEKS. Not body armor, but if you need that as well I've got it in the garage. More like mental armor. You are going to be faced with many challenges when it comes to friends and family. Here are some samples of your own personal hell you will experience:

What? Why would you do a challenge?- Because I know I can do better with my fitness, and I have eight weeks to see what kind of person I am.
What are you really going to get out of this?- Seeing how healthy and how fit I can be.
That sounds stupid.- so does being fat and lazy
No BREAD OR PASTA OR GRAINS? ARE YOU CRAZY?- yes. I am crazy for wanting to get rid of dangerous triglycerides that surround my internal organs that will eventually lead to my death.
What else is there to eat?- meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. DUH
Yeah, whatever, you won't make it- watch me
That sounds awful- it does! Can't wait to see what workout is up for tomorrow.
What is crossfit? the next fad diet?- yes, don't try it. You might hurt yourself. I'll take care of all the heavy lifting around here. You go back to your cheez-its and beer.
Counting almonds? You have an eating disorder for sure!- I do, it's called being a smaller size in eight weeks and getting my pull-up...can you pull your own body weight over a bar...maybe you should start counting almonds then.

All of these things, plus more, were said to me this time last year. People are really going to try to mess with your head. They just don't understand what you are a part of, and what they are not. It's called the unknown, and a little jealousy. Don't turn in your shell when confronted by negativity. Put your CrossFit armor up. That's right, come right back with it. I have included some non-explicit answers to the questions I have answered myself above. Be strong, be relentless in your eight week path.

I hope you all have support at home. Your spouses and kids will sometimes be the hardest to deal with at first. Make them a part of your challenge. You can have them do the extra workouts with you at home.

And by the way- the couple of people that said these things to me have lost weight due to seeing me get fit. They ate their words about 6 months ago, washed down with an envious smile.

Cheating= not giving your body what it needs to make it through the workouts.
cheating= making your body work even harder to digest terrible fatty foods=indigestion, heartburn, gas,tummy issues
cheating= not telling me your cheating
cheating= bonking workouts

Let's look at this food thing for a second. So when you cheat, for example, you are telling me that a couple of beers, or maybe fast food, is more important than your fitness and wellness. Is it? Is it really???? Imagine yourself at the end of the eight weeks doing the workout again. What if you bonk? What if you can't get your chin over the bar? What if you walk during the run? This will happen if you cheat your food. IT WILL. And some of you right now are thinking...I can have ONE burger, ONE piece of bread, ONE CAKE. NO, you cannot. That will lead you down a destructive path. You have to think about how strong of a person you are. Are you so weak you can't go eight weeks dissecting things you put in your body, and working out five times a week? You have to be strong. This is a true test. Test yourself starting today. How strong are you? Are you weaker than you thought, did you already mess up? Look at yourself in a different light and if you are truly wanting to be a fit and healthier person, you will take this challenge by storm and succeed. I have no doubt you will need some support in the coming weeks- contact your coach, we have all been there. Below is my before and after from last year. Yes, I was nervous so my hands look funny- shut up jessica.

Good Luck


  1. Thanks so much for this! I know I will read this many times throughout the next 8 weeks! I appreciate your support very much. Now it's time to go kick some ass.

  2. AMEN...and AMEN!! Oh, and you are wearing WAY too much clothes in your before and after pic. We can't see those abs under all that clothes!

  3. Thanks Jen, this is great. I am wondering why you didn't have to wear a sports bra for your pic. All kidding aside, I appreciate all that you do.