Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10k Madness

For years I was known to my family and friends as a "runner." To me, that means running was my daily and main activity for staying healthy. I raced every weekend, followed the "runners world diet" that included whole grains and whole wheat pasta with occasional carb loading. WOW. Now fast forward three years and 8 percent less body fat and nobody really considers me a "runner." I like to say runner converted to crossfitter. With this conversion came healthier joints, stronger muscles, NO KNEE PAIN. Again for all of you runners out there...NO KNEE PAIN.

I have not raced a 10k in years, especially a trail one. This past weekend I traveled to San Antonio and competed. I had NO idea how it would go. My previous 10k road race PR was 47:54. Being on a trail, I was not thinking I would get anywhere near that, trails are usually slower races. I was pretty nervous and not sure about how this would go. The longest I had run in the last three years is 5 miles.

When the gun went off I slipped back into race mode somehow and went out 6:14 on my first mile. I had to remind myself that the chick that just passed me cannot deadlift 260 or do pull ups. At least that is what I told myself cause I was PISSED I got passed. I told myself to run my race, not hers...and eventually recovered from my rabbit pace and settled in.

WOW! I really surprised myself. I ran a 48:54. I was happy with it and excited I could still move my body that fast over 6 miles, especially on the trail. I won my age group and was second female overall. Talk about a surprise! And as usual, Steve was partaking in all free food and drinks while I was running.

And of course I recruited someone to start crossfit at Alamo Crossfit in San Antonio.

After years away from racing Crossfit has increased my pain tolerance for holding an uncomfortable race pace. As I was running I remember thinking that I would rather be pulling heavy stuff off the ground, but this is fun too.