Friday, February 12, 2010

A little secret to success

I am famous for stinking up the gym with my smoked salmon and bell pepper breakfast in the mornings. However, sometimes I want to workout or I don't have time to sit. To make sure I get a serving of vegetables in the morning, I often turn to superfood. I am a wimp with the powder because of the taste, so I buy it in capsules. Here are just some reasons why you should consume this product:

Complete “Live Food” with beneficial enzymes, carotenoids and phytonutrients (plant pigments) that help fight free-radical damage, aging and tumor causing mutations.
Contains probiotics- the friendly microorganisms that promote healthier digestion and regular elimination.
Contains prebiotics- selectively promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.
Alkaline green plant foods balance acidic pH levels.
Naturally detoxifies and boosts your immune system.
Contains essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that help keep skin soft, elastic, and youthful.
No Synthetic, Isolated or Fractionated Vitamins & Minerals.

Start your day off with a boost from a serving of vegetables!

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