Sunday, February 14, 2010

You actually do have time

The most common response to my question of " why are you not snacking?" is " I don't have time to find something" or " I don't have time to prepare a snack." Yes, you do. You might not have time to prepare that morning before you head off to class or work, but you can't say you do not have 15 minutes in a weekend to prepare for the week. If you aspire to live a long and healthy life, you should make 15 minutes appear in your week. Tupperware is a godsend to people on the go. Organize your snacks and put them in the fridge. leftovers, fruit, boiled eggs, deli meat, nuts, sweet potato, whatever...put it in a container and can the excuses!


  1. So, you may want to be involved with what I am going to do in the next month. Mark Sisson, Erwan Le Corre, John Durant and a few others may be involved here....when all is said and done.



    P.S. Truce? ;)

  2. look at those countertops......nice