Monday, March 15, 2010

what a weekend!

Sectionals this weekend was awesome! I really surprised myself, and learned a lot about what I can accomplish. Going into it I was not sure where I would end up, just wanted to make top 30 and move onto regionals.

First WOD: 2k row, then max deads at 185lbs. each dead would take off 5 seconds on the row time. I have never rowed a 2k, but I did it in under 9 minutes so I was happy. I was hoping for at least 10 deads, and got 10. I could have done more, I wanted to do more. My grip went south and it just rolled right out of my hands. WOW was I mad. Crystal and I were both members of the short person club and still made out with a great row time.

Second WOD: bad ass. I knew I had this one, it had my name written all over it. I lOVE doing hand stand push-ups, thankfully. I bagged the #1 time for this workout and needed that one point that I earned. It was a fun workout, smiling while doing it. I enjoyed it because I had the confidence in myself to execute all of the movements. I wish I could feel this way before all workouts.

Third WOD: goal was to get we had to wait around until 12noon to go, so I got some sun. It went well, the snatches were the best part.

My goal was top 10- and I placed 7th. That is HUGE for me. WOW, I was really excited and looking forward to getting even stronger and faster for regionals!!

CC ladies dominated just like I knew we would. We all train together and push each other. We know each others weaknesses and strengths. The best part of my day is heading up to the gym to get with Jessica, Alex, Megan, Lisa, Crystal, Crystal, Carey, and Heather to workout. Knowing these ladies are cheering me on, not letting me crap out, and waiting there for me is the only confidence I need! Here is a video of crystal nelson and I destroying the 2nd WOD. video


  1. ignore Jessica's boyfriend Ryan, my husband Steven, and my dad Darwin with their comments of me being a vertically challenged elf. and also, steven claims its because of him building my paralettes in the garage that I got my HSPU. ha.

  2. Congratulations, superstar! I'm so thrilled for you. Sounds like the handstand pushups were the litmus test this weekend, and you NAILED 'em. I'm going to think about you next time I'm being all chicken-livered about kicking up!

  3. You did awesome this weekend Jen! I am super proud of you. I like being a part of the "short person" club with you =) Even though I've got you by at least an inch!

    And you killed the second workout!!! You're right-- that WAS your workout.

    I might start referring to you as 'Elf' from now on though. =)