Thursday, April 15, 2010

I thought I was tough

What were you doing at 40 weeks pregnant? If you are a woman, you are probably answering that question with " I was not pregnant anymore at 40 weeks." BUT JoEllen is 40+ weeks and still waiting for the little one to make itself known to the world. So in the mean time she is...dare I say...CROSSFITTING!!!

She gives me insight to what pregnancy is all about, and when I get home with a stomach ache I love on my dogs because I am pretty sure there is no way I can do it. JoEllen does not care how pregnant she is, she is going to work out and stay healthy. She has been active the entire pregnancy and avoided gestational diabetes that she had with her first baby. Maybe that is due to crossfitting, maybe not. It's definitely not due to her vegetable habit. I will suck her onto the paleo side, it will just take time.

I know JoEllen is dying to start squatting. For now she is working on her upper body strength and ring work. Her pre-baby shoulder press max is 80lbs. I am sure she will get 95lbs before fall. I am so proud of her ambition to workout through this entire nine months. I am excited to meet the new little one and hope that everything goes smoothly.

Look on this blog for updates on JoEllens' progress. I am sure a 200lb back squat is in her near future!