Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Team Tryouts

WOW, it has been a year since I got super-cereal about crossfit. Team try outs last year I had no pull-up, never lifted over 85 pounds overhead, and had a 185lb. dead lift. WHOA....times are a changing. Fast forward one year and BAM! 275 lb deadlift, 135 pound overhead. The affiliate team was the kick off to a huge life change in the gym, and in the kitchen.

I had the best time on the affiliate team last year, and hope to make it this year. If not, I will still be there to support my friends and co-workers while they kick ass at the 2010 games. Don't you already know we are going to win?


  1. I LOVE IT!!! This makes me feel so much better about my own progress and gives me hope that one day I will be as strong and badass as you!

  2. You've come a long way girl! You have busted your ass to get to where you are and should be immensely proud of yourself!!

  3. Awesome job this past year. Could not be prouder of my wife.

  4. HEy there,
    Just wanted to say that your blog (among a few others) really inspired me to get into my local Crossfit Box and put my all into every day I'm in there. I've all ready seen massive improvements and I hope a year from now I can say the same thing about my lifts and my achievements. Would dearly love to make it to the Australian Sectionals 2011.

    Thank you for being an inspiration.