Sunday, April 18, 2010

Out to Eat with Jen

Alex and I will be traveling around Austin to see if we can eat a high quality meal off of local menus. We will tape our experience and post it on SICFIT. This means meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. No dairy, no bread. This could possibly be extremely difficult. So many menus are "almost paleo" until they add a sauce or some sort of butter topping. Some will be a bust, some will not. We are going to do our best even though we probably won't know what kind of beef they have, or where the chicken comes from. Our scale will be a 1-10. 10 being extremely easy you don't even have to ask the waiter about anything. 1 being- only go there on a treat day.

Our first trip was to Buenos Aires Cafe. Here is the video.This cafe gets an 8 a high quality food scale. Sides that night were asparagus, sweet potato, and broccoli. They do have lots of starchy sides as well. The salads were great. The steak I had was 5 oz, so not so huge...pretty perfect serving size. Here is their website, I highly suggest you visit this place. The menu changes often so check it online before you go. They have two locations in Austin.

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  1. I LOVE this idea - what a huge help! This is such a social, restaurant town, and I know I struggle with Paleo/eating out. Can't wait to see the reviews roll in!