Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Travel

I hear a lot of talking about how " I would eat better but I travel." I used to travel A LOT for work. I found it hard as well, but if you really think about it and plan ahead you can do pretty well. My little brothers wedding is this weekend in Florida. I rented a condo with a full kitchen to prepare all of my meals. Here is what I am taking with me:

organic beef jerky
tuna packs
tail mix with cranberries, almonds, cashews
protein powder
coconut oil
single servings of great coffee
egg timer so i can boil
almond butter
cashew butter

This is going to make my trip so easy! All I have to do is get vegetables and protein at the store. My snacks are taken care of, on the plane as well. Its not hard- you just have to want to put your health and nutrition first.


  1. I use to pack a cooler on my road trips when I was traveling for work. It takes a little extra effort but was always well worth. I can tell you where every Whole Foods is in TX...and maybe OK,LA,MS.... I just put a couple photos up on my blog of the grocery shopping Jeremy and I did in San Diego - again well worth the effort! Thanks for the post

  2. Great Ideas Jen... i appreciate it!

  3. what about if you are traveling out of the country?? suggestions??