Sunday, June 20, 2010

30 days left

Well, 30 days to the games! I am excited, nervous, and anxious. Part of me is still pretty shocked at placing third at regionals. I am staying positive and keeping focused on my training.

My goals have completely changed since making the games. I have not been maxing on anything, so that 300lb deadlift attempt will have to wait until august. My 25 pullups in a row goal has been slacking big time. Pull-ups have always been extremely difficult for me to link together. I am still working on it. However it seems like the days I set aside to do it I have done at least 15 muscle ups prior, so my pulling muscles are DONE. Before the games, I want to get 25....but its going to take someone yelling constantly....hint jessica, alex, crystal. Another goal is 10 HSPU- i got nine the other close.

Step on the soap box:

There are a lot of conversations/heated debates about body size in Crossfit. Some people believe that there should be weight classes and such for competitions. I have heard a lot of opinions about how people my size versus people like Big Mike. I do get nervous when I stand next to a 5'8 150lb lady in a competition. Mostly in awe of the muscle, and then scared for my life, ha. BUT- I do think its "fair". I make jokes a lot about it because its funny. It really is a riot to see me standing next to someone a lot taller or a lot stronger looking, especially when I go back and watch video. Even though I joke, I ENJOY it. Why? Because standing next to them lifting the same amount of weight ( or attempting! )shows that there does NOT need to be weight classes. Its how bad you want it. I might not lift it as fast or as many reps- but I get it off the ground, just like they do. Its my own personal victory in my head to be able to lift as much as someone double my size. It makes me smile and realize that I can do it, they can do it, anyone can do it if they train for it. .

There are workouts out there built for the bigger frame, and some for the smaller. The great thing about Crossfit is that in competition there is usually a mix of it all. This doesn't make it "fair." (Even using that word is against what I believe) Mixing all these workouts together gives everyone competing a chance. Can you move heavy shit the fastest? That is the question. Not how big you are compared to your bar. If you are negative and bitching about it you are in the wrong sport. Get a new one! This is supposed to be fun remember?

Yes, I am nervous about the shear strength and size of some other chicks going to the games. And I do make jokes about me being their "helper monkey." BUT- that is because its just funny! Being next to someone bigger than me in a heat gives me a little mental challenge...although Kristan Clever is my height...and she's keeping up quite nicely. Just being a part of the games is an outstanding accomplishment. I am excited!!!! My goal is to finish everything in the alloted time. But I will leave winning the games to Carey....and I will thoroughly enjoy watching her kick all those girls asses.

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  1. YOU are an inspiration to us "little" girls. When I think that I'm too small to get this heavy bar over my head, I think of you and Travis. It is possible to be small in this sport and still kickass! Good Luck!