Monday, June 28, 2010


Since January my sights were set on training and making top 4 to go to the games. Since regionals, its No burgers and sweet potato fries, no trail running ( i'm super clumsy ), no this no that. It seems everything that happens in my day: what I eat, when I sleep, when I walk the dogs, when I take clients, depends on training for the games. It has been easy to run my life around that schedule when my husband is gone for work 90 days at a time and I don't have kids. Now that its getting closer to Steve coming home from his 90 days and us offering on a new house the shift is happening. Things are changing in my head. I can feel the priorities shifting to home-family from games-vegetables-sleep-snatch. Balancing these two will be a true act come this weekend when I pick Steve up from the airport. He has already ordered food and Alamo Drafthouse.

These next three weeks will be super-stressful. If you have ever bought a house you know what I am talking about. I literally have thrown a phone out the window of a car while buying our first house. We have found our dream house. Hopefully the loan will happen and we will be moving before September. How convenient that we found it right before the games! ( jesus) Let's hope I can keep a hold of my sanity and my phone this time.

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  1. you will be in my prayers! I know with your faith and determination and dedication you have in yourself.And for all the good you do for others all that good will come back to you in return. Will keep you in my thoughts through these times and always remember the man above will lead you and guide you through these times ...