Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why lift heavy?

With the latest benchmark out of the way I would like to discuss some of the questions/concerns that some ladies in class have brought to my attention.

Why lift heavy? well, get strong. One of the main reasons people make their way out of the house early or late at night to the gym is to get stronger. Contrary to a prior belief I had, running miles and miles does not make you stronger. What does make you stronger is lifting.

To loose fat- you have to gain muscle. To gain muscle- you have to lift weights. Here is where back squat, shoulder press, snatch, clean, and deadlift come in. Gain muscle, burn fat, lean up, get faster. There is also a concern about " bulking up." It's an 80's myth ladies- put it out of your head.

Being able to complete a workout RX. This is a popular goal for men and women at CC. You cannot expect to RX a workout without ever attempting the weight before that day. For example: Fran. Fran is with a 65lb bar for thrusters. Working a heavy shoulder press, and front squat will build the strength to be able to complete Fran at RX.

Take advantage of the heavy days when they come. Get to class and challenge yourself.

There are TONS of journal articles about heavy lifting in the crossfit journals. Also, here are some sites for more info: this is Coach Burgners daughter sage

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  1. I thought we did heavy back squats so that we could fall backwards onto Leslie? NO?
    Oh No - its so we can surpirse with our tight bodies and super strenth!

  2. You forgot to mention that lifting heavy is just plain cool ha!

  3. yes jess. it is just plain cool!

  4. Great post, Jen. I get annoyed when I still hear women using the "I don't want to get bulky" excuse for not lifting heavy. Seriously, when will this die?!

    Rather than believe what was spoon-fed to us by the fitness media, why not look at the living proof standing right in front of us everyday at the gym? You and fellow CrossFit Central Women coaches are a perfect example of what heavy lifting can do for women: it allows you to build strong, lean, beautiful bodies!

    Go, gurl!!