Thursday, June 10, 2010

WO mini-challenge:pull up, push up and overall miles competition

Monday starts a new challenge for the womens only classes.

530 m/w/f
615 m/w/f

Here are the details:

1 kipping chin over bar legit pull-up= 1 point
1 chest to ground legit push up= 1 point
1 mile run/2k row= 5 points
If someone gets their first kipping pull up during the challenge= 50 points

Each class will have one team leader. All pull ups and push ups MUST BE SEEN by the team leader. These count for points when done after class, before class, or during a workout. WARM UP DOES NOT COUNT.

Mile runs can be after class, before class or emailed into team leader- we are on the honor system ladies! However, you have to have a partner for all runs to count for points. Row must be done at the gym, you can do it on your own and email into leader.

Your team leader is responsible for keeping track of your points for the entire challenge. If your team leader is absent from class- nothing counts. You need to pick your team leader tomorrow morning.

Last day of challenge= July 5th

How to win: most amount of points wins! We will have a happy hour July 7th to celebrate with both classes. Winners choose the spot.


  1. Gosh, now I wish I were in a women's only class. I love that idea. Have fun!