Friday, July 23, 2010

Games 2010

Well I am jumping on the bandwagon to blog about the recap of the games. I have a different perspective than most from Central being that last year I competed as a client. That was very scary. Working out with the coaches all the sudden and being held to a high standard of kipping pull ups and box jumps. Those two being moves( among many others I didn't even know about yet) that I did not exactly have in the bag. This year the experience could not have been more different.

Going into the games: Yes, I did feel I had something to prove. I workout out with legit beasts on a daily..and get my ass handed to me. Its good to workout with people that are better than you. However when weeks and months go by that you just cannot seem to catch up it can mess with the non superwoman mentally. BUT mentally I am superwoman. I can mentally get through anything. I can tell stories to make the average chick crawl in her bed and cry. So the games...I was mentally ready for whatever they threw at me. They could not and would not break me mentally.

Physically I knew I had some drawbacks. My max snatch was the RX weight for women, so that was a big weight on my shoulders to perform if needed. I am not in the best met-con shape that I could be. I had never used a prowler, and slow with a tire. But the games were here. So it really did not matter now- just had to step up and do it.

First workout: OF COURSE. 95lb snatch= my max. 9-7-5 snatch and muscle ups. Muscle ups I had, snatch....I knew I could get through it. And I did. I was so excited that I got to round 7 of the snatch!!! I watch the video and smile that I got that many snatches. I failed about 10 times before I got the first one. After that I nailed them. SOOOO happy about that. Proud and ready to try that workout again and finish it in the time limit.

Second workout was definitely not a "JenC workout" but of course all weaknesses will be exposed. It was a triple helen. My worst met-con. I got through it. I missed finishing the workout by 1 pull up. Definitely a little mad at myself. But I only had 90 seconds to get my max overhead...and PRd at145. COMPLETELY satisfied and overjoyed that I hit a PR at the games!!!!!!! Still smiling on that one.

The next one was a heavy deadlift, pistols, and double unders. I did it, just not as fast as I needed to go. I was sitting in 26th place, and they took the top 24. So my games working out was over. I was not happy about that. I wanted to continue. I thought about all the accomplishments that I had done in the last 24 hours and just put a smile on my face. Of course, that is after about 15 minutes of complete silence and maybe a tear. But I got over it and realized that i have amazing clients and family watching and supporting me. I have been celebrating with awesome food ever since!

Walking away happy and ready for more.


  1. Jen, You are a SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!!! So proud and it's a joy to see you grow physically and mentally everyday. Those workouts were beasts and I couldn't be more proud of you!

  2. I agree with Catherine. YOu are amazing and a complete bad-ass Superwoman. Cheray, Erika, and I were screaming and cheering you on we were so excited to watch you live from Cuatros! You've come a long way and are just beginning!!!

  3. Jen, I was totally rooting for you (and Kristen Clever and Camille) during the games. I too am about your size 5'3" about a 120 (turned 40 this year-its just a number) and just started crossfit about 3 months ago. I'm glad to see that girls of our stature can exhibit the capacity to hang with the bigger gals. You are the result of hard work and I really admire it.

    Im absolutely addicted to the mentality, the athletes, the culture...everything about CrossFit is motivating and inspiring. In the three months i've accomplished amazing things, like pullups (can do 20 in a row), muscle ups (a work in progress) and OHS (holy crap those are hard).

    Anyway, One...really proud of you and your effort at the games. Two... I hope you continue to workout and blog...i visit your blog alot to see what you and the CFC girls are up to and to see where I gotta be to keep up with the likes of you all. I've made it a goal of mine to compete in the regionals in 2011 and hopefully moving on to sectionals...and who knows...farther than that??

    I've been reading alot on Olympic Lifting, diet (i'm doing paleo/zone), and just reading as much as I can on the journal. Theres so much to learn and work on. I have such a long way to go technically...its kinda overwhelming, but I'm gonna try my hardest. Try to say injury free and mentally tough. What are somethings that you could recommend to someone like me?... a newbe to CrossFit, having alot to work on...etc. Anything would be appreciated.

    You Rock!! Keep it up!!