Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday morning punch in the face!

After two years I decided that today would be the day I re-joined my old running group. The games are over, I took 8 days off....I was excited and ready to go. 545am was go time. I left the house and while driving realized that I had no towel, hat, or extra socks...total rookie mistake. No time to turn around, just showed up. The group is pretty big and I knew not one person.They were all familiar with each other and I was the nervous new kid. Everyone was super skinny wearing their texas shorts, un- flattering sportsbras, taped nipples, strapped on the body water bottles and hear rate monitors. I was lulu'ed and could dead lift them all. WOW...I have changed.

As the workout was being explained I had thirty seconds of slight confusion when the hill was announced where we were doing repeats....it was 2.5 miles away at least. I got an all too familiar tummy rumble telling me this could be bad. Five minutes later we were out the door. Everyone was chatting it up on the way there, it sounded like I had asthma. I was hoping there was a nurse in the crowd. By the time we got there my knees were already swollen and I was covered in sweat. The workout had not even started yet. We were supposed to do 4 sets of 3 different hill sprints. I thought that if I just run back to the car now its still a 5 mile run and I would call it a success! But I convinced myself to stay.

My plan was to get through 3 sets. After one set my new goal was 2. The coach asked me what I was training for, I answered "life." He didn't get it...so I said nothing, no races. He then spoke and I THOUGHT he said " tuesdays are not for you." I was crushed and was determined not to get thrown out of a run group. I answered back that this was the only day I can come. But I was mistaken. He said " 2 sets for you..you look like you are having a hard time." Why yes, yes I am. What was your first clue! My ego was crushed and I had cankles from the swelling, my knees were on fire, pretty sure both of my knee caps were somewhere on Robert E. Lee road, and my face was beat red...and one set to go.

The group was sprinting up the hill while I was trying not to walk. They glided up that hill like they had rocket powered shoes. I could feel the eyes looking at me feeling sorry for me. More than one person said, " it gets better it's just your first day." SHUT-UP! I can clean and jerk your skinny little butt. Back in the day I was that fast skinny girl and knew when people were new. They were slow and sometimes didn't finish. I would lap them on track workouts. I felt sorry for the new people and hoped they stuck it out and got better. The dynamic has taken a 180 turn. Now I am the one playing catch up. Icing, stretching, and hoping the workout on thursday does not hurt so much. I am the one in the back of the pack hoping someone slows down so I don't get lost on the way back. ME! the "runner" in my crossfit world. Talk about a punch in the face this morning!

I felt like such an idiot and could not believe that I was this slow. After finishing two sets in the same time everyone else did four we did some backwards running up the hill and "sprints". I was COOKED. I did not think the run to the car would be a run, more of a death march. Correct! When I finally saw my beautiful honda SUV it was like a light was shining down on it from the dark clouds...leading me to it. YES! out of here and on to lift heavy stuff and climb things. I was more than relieved it was over. I could hardly push the gas my hip flexors were so swollen...yes folks. I was done.

I have blogged about balance before, looks like this is just another instance where I am way of kilter. Time for some new running shoes and a healthy dose of pain. Give me one month to get back in running shape!


  1. Aww...did you run with the Gazelles today? I miss running with that group!!

  2. Jen - that is the most you have ever written on a your blog! haha! If you died that much it's a good thing I wasn't there =)

  3. Great post! I was really into lifting for a long time... even did crossfit (albeit on my own) and still love to follow crossfit! I am now just running and cycling long distances so I know about your experience. I imagine it is what I would feel like my first month at cc! keep it up

  4. Oh my gosh Jen! This sounds horrible... I'm with Jess, good thing I wasn't there. This is bringing back memories (nightmares) of my marathon training when your knees and ankles hurt and you can't drive because of your hip flexors. Guess I better get my butt running a little bit too. But not so much that I EVER feel like I used to with running.

  5. Wow - I must confess its kind of nice to read about one of you tough, intimidatingly-in shape coaches having a tough workout! Somehow, it makes me feel better knowing that you have to work at it too sometimes! Thanks for sharing your pain!