Thursday, July 8, 2010


The past four weeks the womens only classes at CC have been involved in a challenge. It was a 530am class vs. 615am class. They had four weeks to get in as many push ups and pullups as they could, both worth one point. A one mile run and a 2k row was each worth 5 points. If someone got their first pull-up that was 50 points. At the end the team with the most points won and they got to pick the happy hour spot. Congratulations to the 530am class for the big win!

WOW did I see some competitive streaks come out. I had girls laid out after class all over the concrete like Vietnam doing push-ups, running, rowing, and trying for the elusive 50 point first pull up. Before class and after class was the most popular time. There were some workouts on the weekends at the track as well. I believe there was something like 8 rounds of 400m run and some insane number of push ups. Something terrible like that to rack up major points.

I know that some of the ladies were a little puzzled as to why I picked the movements and why there was no 1000 dollar grand prize. But, you should see those girls doing push ups. Everyone is on their toes and chest to the ground. They are beautiful perfect push ups. Two ladies got their first pull-up! And everyone got to know each other a lot more. I loved this challenge and look forward to the next one! Good job ladies, no more knee push ups.

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  1. Awesome challenge Jen! You are a phenomenal coach.Way to go O'dark thirty!