Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have the magic rope...

Double unders are HARD!!!! They used to haunt me and I would go to sleep at night hoping I would not have to see them the next day. That is all in the past!! I now have a magic rope I ordered from again faster. I jump and it just happens, ok well you have to work a little. You can take it to class with you, or wherever you will be...even Jamaica. I also have used my magic rope at regionals and at the crossfit games. You can get a great workout wherever you are! Order one..here is the magic rope site.



  1. I desperately need one of those. I too am haunted by double unders.

  2. Which one is the "Magic" one? The Revolution? I desperately need a magic act in my gym when it comes to double-unders....

  3. yes! the revolution. its great! you clip it to the size you need.