Thursday, August 26, 2010


There are so many people I talk to DAILY that give me reasons why paleo/zone/giving up grains does not work for them. So I am going to start posting some things that are amazing to eat and drink! Just because you are grain/dairy free does not mean you cannot enjoy your life. I LOVE food and am always looking forward to my next yummie meal. Here is one thing I have recently discovered that I heart and want daily.

For those of you who lOVE coffee and hate eating breakfast...I have found the answer! This is coffee with your protein and fat included, no carbs. No sweetener needed. There is a tiny bit of stevia in the protein.

Paleo Meal chocolate protein powder ( found at peoples pharmacy and online)-one scoop 2.5 blocks protein
1 cup coconut milk-3.6 blocks fat
2 shots espresso

Put in the blender- WOW!

So all of you that are ordering that CRAP and I mean C-R-A-P at starbucks should try this. No sweetener required.

Capri liked it so much she took it outside to eat.


  1. YUM! That does sound amazing! Do you brew your own espresso?

  2. I do the same thing with just unsweetened coffee instead of expresso. AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!!!!