Monday, September 20, 2010

29 weeks and counting

Kelsi is in the o'dark 30 class at CC. That is the 530am M/W/F womens only. She is pregnant with her second child and coming to class on a regular basis. Every workout she modifies to her abilities or just goes lighter on the weight. She does not quit early or skip and has a better attendance than the other women in class. Here is some insight from a pregnant crossfitter!

1. How far a long are you?
29 weeks and counting...

2. whats the hardest thing about being pregnant and crossfitting?
Knowing where my limits are, and how much to really push it.

3. what motivates you to keep working out through the 9 months?
I could write an essay on this, but to keep it brief and in no particular order, it helps me to keep up with my 19 month old, I know working out is only going to help w/ my delivery, helps to maintain my weight gain and curb my cravings, and I know it'll help me to 'bounce back' that much quicker. Oh, and it helps to keep me somewhat sane. :)

4. how long have you been at CC?
I started Crossfit in May of 2009, three months after having my first baby, Vivian.

5. what advice do you have for other women unsure if they can workout while pregnant?
Take it as slow as you need to and listen to your body, but by all means don't be afraid! Jen and Carey have been awesome in working with me to ensure that I'm challenging myself but keeping it safe at the same time. Working out through this pregnancy has made it so much better for me, mentally and physically.


  1. 530?! She's a 6:15'er and you know it! ;) Way to go kelsi!