Thursday, September 30, 2010

" I don't know how to cook"

Allright, so let's get a little personal about food. I have steered many clients to the paleo eating lifestyle..not It is a sure fire way to sleep better, heal your insides, lose body fat, lose pounds, get stronger, get faster, look hot, and live a longer healthier life. Are you not sold in that one sentence?

Crossfit Central has dozens of success stories to prove that this way to eat WILL provide results. Not if, only when. However, the one major thing that keeps people from success is ...COOKING. People I have recently met just flat out refuse to try, and just say they don't have time. Paleo cooking is great because its simple! Meat and vegetables!!!! and of course delicious. Olive oil, salt, and pepper is just about the basics of what you need to cook any protien. I have blogged many times about Marks Daily Apple. Order the primal cookbook, or Robb Wolf's new book. It has a 30 day recipe plan.

Tips to make it easier:

1. buy in bulk
2. plan out meals in advance for the week
3. cook 3 servings every time you have time to get in the kitchen- put into smaller meals in tupper ware
4. invest in a large insulated lunch box
5. have LOTS of tupper ware
6. boil a dozen eggs at a time and store in fridge

If you REALLY don't have time- maybe you travel a lot. I have a site for you! HERE is a site that will rock your world!

DINNER= lunch for the next day in paleo language

More sites for dinner ideas-

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