Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lean Lifting Program Begins!

I am introducing a small group personal training program at Crossfit Central called Lean Lifting. The program is open to men and women of Crossfit Central or new clients. These training sessions are designed to compliment what you are learning in class, and allow you to work on skills in gymnastics and Olympic lifting. In class we sometimes go through moves rather quickly, this is a chance to be one on one with me to focus in on your weakest spots.

If you are new to Crossfit this is a great way to be introduced to the olympic movements and how to properly execute them.

Its called "Lean Lifting" to point out that lifting heavy and eating a high quality diet makes you LEAN. Its that simple. Women will especially benefit from this line of thinking. Gone are the days of light weight and 1000 reps. You lift heavy, PR, and eat quality meat, vegetables,nuts, and seeds. Getting "LEAN" is work. You do the work and it happens.

Groups of 1-3 people can take part one to three times a week.
Available days: Tuesdays, thursday, and weekends.

Example skills that are in high demand for one on one coaching:

split jerk
power snatch
ring pull-ups, dips, muscle ups
double unders
overhead squat
hand stand push ups
rope climb

These sessions are open to clients and non-clients of CC. The first session with three ladies started this morning. In just one hour they made huge gains in their split jerk! Just that one hour convinced me this program does work and I am excited to be coaching it.
If you are struggling with olympic lifting, need more focused attention, or just want to up your game in class this program is for you. Contact me if you are ready to get LEAN! and of course....lift some weight.

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  1. Watch out ladies... You think I rock now (LOL).. just wait till EOM! yee haw! Go Norah!