Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pull ups for Christmas Ladies Challenge!

Starting this Friday I am challenging all of the women's only ladies to get their pull up before December 17th. Pull ups are fun, empowering, and you look like a bad-ass doing them! So let's get serious, ditch the bands, and get the kipping and strict pull ups before Christmas!


A pull up bar must be installed at your house, and you must send a picture to your entire class for proof. ( Academy doorway pull up bar is $20)

You must work on them every day!


The first 20 women to get a kipping pull up , or 5 strict in a row without coming off the bar, will receive a Lululemon water bottle and headband!!!

Do it for the LULU ladies.


  1. ! I immediately read this and ran to my pull up bar lol QUESTION! Since we're talking about it! With pull ups... I always thought a pull up was palms facing away from the body and "chin ups" were palms towards the body. Which are we talking about here... I feel like one works lats more and the other is biceps! My iron gym pull up bar also has those great grips where palms face one another sort of like they do in the row :)

  2. you are correct. chin-ups are more arms for sure! we are talking pull ups!

  3. OK 5 unbroken...I need 1.5 more :) Thanks for the challenge and for reminding me that I do in fact own an opportunity (in the doorway of my bedroom) to make it happen :)