Friday, September 17, 2010

Success for Mari

Mari joined my womens only 530am class this Summer. From the first day she walked in class there was no complaining, just DOING. She may have been scared , but never showed any fear. Mari jumped in with both feet and results came quickly for her.

Since June she has lost 5.6 pounds and 4.7% body fat. Outstanding Mari!

These numbers are the results of 3 months of crossfitting 3 days a week and making healthy eating choices. There is also another interesting number that I think people need to pay attention to. CHOLESTEROL. There are many myths out there linking eggs to high cholesterol. Mari eats at least 2 eggs everyday now that she is paleo. From the numbers below, you can see its not affecting her at all! Notice that her triglycerides have also gotten lower, thanks to her meat diet. If you are doubting the paleo diet, do your research.

Cholesterol 197 to 161

Triglycerides 90 to 50

This is all while eating lean meats, eggs, vegetables, and healthy fats.

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